Have a Go Fly initiative was open to all ages and promoted female participants as well, over 4 weeks on Saturday morning between 9.30 to 12.00AM
The key to this program was to ensure that everyone felt welcomed. The objective was to encourage all participants to have a fly. Divided in 3 stages. DISCOVER- LEARN- PRACTICE. Mornings finished with an attitude and feeling of success especially among the younger ones. If a participant (adult or child) was interested enough they were encouraged to contact us again and we ensured that they had an opportunity to have a go fly again.
DISCOVER was presented by John Bonnici who explained the various items typically used in our model flying on his display boards.
LEARN. Rod Ferris provided tuition and helped explain subtle stick movements.
PRACTICE. Nean Thompson explained the aircraft terminology, the Spektrum wireless buddy-box system as well as the AeroScout plane which make training so easy. The transmitter in buddy-box configuration allows the young and old to Have a Fly without fear of failure.
The plan going forward is to offer further training on the AeroScout, Ranger1600 which are similar planes and potentially an Apprentice on Saturday mornings for those still interested or any new member. A parent always accompanied a junior to the flight-line when having a go. An important take away from our experience is that a parent can join the club and bring their daughter or son. Volunteers, suitable equipment and organisation bring success. The benefit from this is Model Aircraft is now a community discussion.
Finally. From Comments Book: Very nice, interesting, some really interesting facts; Passionate young minds explaining the working of aircraft to lovely and curious young kids. Keep up the good work; Awesome! Very nice people with interesting hobby; Wonderful day. Awesome! Very welcoming Club. Loved it. Thank You.

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