Join WMAA RC Club


Welcome To The WMAA RC Club

As a one of the leading expert in model aircraft & quadcopter expert, the WMAA help beginner’s and professional provide the best advice, instructors and knowledge base so you can learn to fly and enjoy your sport. At WMAA you undertake pilot training, get your wings, or even become an Instructor or Inspector!

Aeromodelling is about more than sport, it’s about friendships and a local, supportive community.

What you get upon joining a WMAA RC club

√ Insurance coverage.

√ Professional Advise.

√ Great Community.

√ NO objection Flying Freedom.

Step 1.

If weather is good eg. No rain & heavy winds, come and see one one of our club member on SAT-SUN between 9am-12pm.

Step 2.

  • Discuss your requirements with the member/instructor.
  • Have a go four flights before joining the club.

Step 3.

Download the membership form.  Fill,  and sign the form from members and send sign form to treasury department.