Beginner Learn To Fly


Learn To FLY

Club Instructors are experienced & skilful volunteers who have offered their time to the club to help educate beginner pilots to enable them to gain the required competencies to progress to the next level.

In order to add new student to the training group we maintain list and only adds when WMAA capacity exists to provide effective training.


√ Less Crashing
√ Professional Learning
√ Become Top & Confident RC Pilot

-How to Become WMAA Student

√ Come And See One OF Our Club Members On SAT-SUN Between 9am-12pm
√ Discuss About Your Learning Requirements eg: Plane, Helicopter Or Quadcopter.
√ Set The Commencement Date.
√ No Fees and charges. However, required to Join the club to meet the MAAA requirement.
√ Students can have Four FLIGHTS with the instructor, before joining the CLUB.
√ A trainer plane/Quadcopter/Helicopter.  Your instructor will advise you before the commencement date.
√ Transmitter & Buddy Box/second transmitter ( Ask your instructor If has one, else you need to buy at your own cost).
√ Sunglasses ( Optional). It gets very bright up in the sky.
√ FPV Goggles
√ FPV setup.
√ Invest money in good quality transmitter.  Eg. Futuba, Frsky, Spectrum
√ If you are in FPV invest money in highest quality goggles. EG.