The new committee taking the club into the new year are;
Executive Committee:
President: –         Chris Berry
Vice-President: – John Bonnici
Secretary: –         Don Leitis
Treasurer: –         Graham Brinsden
Webmaster: –     Sunny Sharma
Normal Members:
John Hansford
Matt Houston
David Coker
George Thomaidis

The position of Safety Officer was also reinstated. Held now by; Vinny Barone 

At the conclusion of the meeting John Bonnici read out a thank you to both John Hansford and Jeff Clewer. A copy of that address is attached as a PDF file. 

Thank you to all who attended on a very wet night and took the time to participate in the selection of all committee members.  

Hope to see you all at the field. Thanks folks.
Any queries or comments may be emailed to

Two longstanding members of the executives committee retired after extended periods in the service of the club. The meeting extended its warm thanks and appreciation to John Hansford, retiring as President and Jeff Clewer, retiring as Treasurer. 

John Hansford
John was elected president in 2019. During this time, he worked hard to bring the
club fonruard communicating with council and other organizations to get help with our
club needs. Some of the challenges for him were, the flooding situation of the airfield
and carpark, club updates during the covid pandemic and his latest challenge to
provide some shelter for us, which has been an almighty struggle as we all know. He
will be missed in this role. John on behalf of the committee and all members I want
to thank you for being our president for the last 3 years and wish you many more
happy flying days with us.
Jeff Clewer
Jeff took over the treasurer role in 2018 after the sudden death of his father who held
that role for a long time. I still remember Denis saying someone needs to learn my
role as I’m not here forever. We were foftunate that Jeff had watched his dad doing
club paperwork and had good knowledge to take over this role so quickly, otherwise
we would have struggled to find someone. lt was only supposed to be shoft term but
as you all know it’s been nearly 4 years. Jeff on behalf of the committee and all
members I want to thank you for the last 4 years for keeping books for the club.