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9th February 2020

Starting Around 8.30 A.M. All Welcome


Whipper Snip / Clean either side of main Gate if needed                                                                      

Whipper Snip under benches, fences and along car-park fence                                                             

Clean Toilet & sanitize                                                                                                                              

Whipper snip under trellis runway approaches                                                                                       

Rake over inside the Rotunda currently full of sludge.                                                                           

Removal of dead or broken branches especially inside and around rotunda                                       

Weeding in car park with picks                                                                                                                

Box in chip bark near toilet with timber to stop it from spreading. George to organize and supervise on the day

Please bring any of these if you can. Whipper snipper, Blower,  mower,  branch pruner, pick or any other appropriate tools you think will help if you can

Field is CLOSED FOR FLYING during these important maintenance activities.! !



Thanks to everyone who took part in the working bees last year,





  2014 Working Bee

some of the working bee team

The last working bee for this financial year was held on the 25th May.Again we had a great response with a good number of volunteers turning up.One member even jumped the gun and started mowing the grass before anyone got there. A bi-monthly working bee seems to be the way to go.These working bees are necessary to keep our flying field clean and tidy as well as to have a good place to enjoy our hobby.



This year we have had a great response to these gatherings with members turning up with overflowing enthusiasm and appropriate tools for different tasks to be completed.I'm sure this will continue into the next year as well. On behalf of the committee and myself I like to thank all those who attended the working bees this year with such enthusiasm.Great job guys and thanks again.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 John Bonnici





 2013 Working Bee

Another working bee was held at the end of October with a good number of members turning 
up once again for the jobs on hand.





Whipper snipper's and a mower

were taking care of the pit and surrounding grass area which had grown considerably since the last working bee.






David Humphrys brought some white paint with him and painted the runway markers and taxiing lines.

We finished in just over 2 hours and a free soft drink was offered at the end as a thank you gesture for a job well done.