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Jeff Barrett's dam



Jeff Barrette dam ended up being a blow out. Been Re- scheduled for Monday 1st April.
Wild weather stopped the flying we had a very good turnout with lots of spectators (Cows).

We all met up in front of the gate when Garry turned up in his Powered Push Bike.

Garry is so determent to come and see the planes at the dam as he got to the Gate he got a telephone call from his mum saying he has
the car keys and he had to ride back home just as he only had got there.

We all drove in a convoy to the dam it was quite blowy when Claudio Madrussan & Jonny Reuter started up Claudio's trainer.
Well the model taxied out and throttled up, and then came a spectacular crash.
Cladio & John went to pick up the model,
down went cladio’s pants and in he went.