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Power Comp Nov 2011

Power Comp Report – 6 November 2011

The forecast was for strong northerlies, and the morning saw the wind get up strong.  But – a bit after 9.00am, the wind became light and variable, just perfect for a comp day! 

Attendance was down, no doubt because the wind deterred many – pity!  And there were some who came to the field to give a hand, but left models at home because of the threatening conditions.

The streamer cutting event saw five entries, with three entering the foamy fly off.

It was a pretty eventful day, with the demise of two models and fiery retirement of one streamer tug.


 Things that happened, Power Comp:

Rusty fronted with a small electric foamy, that flew like a serious intercept missile!
Gary seemed intent on closing on the tug in the first round, but still made a cut on the streamer.
The tug ran out of battery and thumped the ground, wrecking what was left of its undercarriage.  Worked OK later with a hand launch.
John handled a dead stick landing just fine, but later suffered radio problems and totaled his plane mid field.  That was number 
During a bit of time out to change batteries in the tug, Gary had a test fly that ended up in the swamp to the north of the field.  Another totaled model

Jim offered a battery for the tug.  When connected, smoke and flames, popping noises and fumes resulted when the ESC expired.  Turned out that the battery plug had leads reversed!  That also explained the failure of a ESC in Jim’s Radian a while back.  That made four planes out!
Alan had a practice flight while tugs were being sorted.  His motor made some pretty crook sounds, but the plane landed OK.  Thoughts were that a magnet may be loose and interfering with the armature.  Five down!!!
Ken volunteered to provide the tug, so Gary could get in his last flight.  When Gary looked like getting a cut, Ken sped up!!  Didn’t work, the cut was made.
Ken then finished the streamer off himself, doing diminutive loops and eventually wrapping the streamer around a wing.  Made a safe landing though.

Things that happened, Foamy Fly Off:

Jim suffered lots of drag with a wind milling prop.  Gave great climb though!
Max time was set at 5 minutes, with a spot landing then to decide places.  Wrenford landed within inches of the ‘spot’, so Ken landed in 4 minutes 58 sec to win.  Tricky!
We all decided that Ken has a big one.  Prop, that is!!!
Great to have Graeme as whistle blower and hat tipper!!