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Control Line


Our first control line afternoon on the 27th of January  turned out to be rather good.


Ken Beidham had a GMS 25 powered Flitestreak, Chris Berry turned up with two stunters, a Ramrod and a profile Tucano, both powered by Enya 35s. Percy Wright brought along a flying wing and  an own design solid balsa trainer, both powered by Enya 15s.


Tim Mackay offered his apologies as the covering of the model he intended to bring along basically fell apart with age as he picked it up Also there were between 10 to 15 spectators and sundry hecklers  to keep the ribald comments coming from the pit area.


The wind was a bit of a concern, but two  sets of lines were laid out and the flying  commenced at about 1 o’clock.


Ken flew his Flitestreak and apparently could not get the grin off his face as the pure nostalgia of going round in circles turned out to be just as much fun as it always was. Also because the model handled the wind easily. A few manoeuvres were attempted, loops and bunts mainly, planned.



although a fancy overhead eight was actually an attempted wing over that went wrong above his head. Chris  then had a long flight with his Ramrod (big tank) with a few manoeuvres and just as much enjoyment.


Percy turned up with his two models and his lines were quickly run out. He flew his trainer, nice and stable, and then his flying wing which was very fast.


Each person had a number of flights before stumps was called at approximately  3.30pm as the wind had increased and Kens model was damaged in a heavy landing. The only model damaged on the day. It was also suggested that the extra physical effort needed to fly control line was starting to catch up with the old farts.


It was generally agreed by the fliers and spectators alike that it had been a very enjoyable and successful afternoon and another one should be


Aero-Flyte Kitty Hawk

36" Wingspan

2.5cc OS Max


The Shoestring, and its companion the Buster, were designed for the AMA Scale (Goodyear) Racing event. With a hot .15, this compact little speedster has brought home lots of trophies over the years. The Shoestring also makes a durable C/L trainer or sport flier.

Wingspan 28 in 711 mm
Wing Area: 150 in² 9.7 dm²
Length 24 1/2 in 622 mm
Engines: .10-.15 in³ (1.6 - 2.5 cm³) 2-stroke






Aeroflyte Thunderstreak
has a (I think) 50inc wingspan,
also a full fuselage has a Glo Chief 35 motor for power.




Hearn's Hobbies ME 109
has 26inc wingspan also full fuselage and
OS Pet 1.5 motor f

or power 




Kookaburra Airacobra
36inc wingspan and a Profile Body has a OS Max 2.5 motor


for power.



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