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Glider Competition


1st Sunday Bi-Monthly

0900 -> 1200hrs

The Werribee Model Aircraft Association (WMAA) has a long history of glider flying activities. The club welcomes new glider pilots who would like to join in and give it a go! Experienced pilots are available to provide advice and guidance. Club activities range from casual sport flying, glider events and the bi-monthly Glider Competition!

The Glider Competition is a low key, enjoyable competition where the emphasis is on having fun! This is a great event to compete in.


At the WMAA Glider Competition the gliders are launched using a 2 meter rated “bungee” (or histart). There is a bungee available for use at the field by members.

A “2 Meter Challenge” will be incorporated into the Glider Competition. (a comp’ within a comp’) Eligible gliders are 2 meter wingspan (balsa built) wings, with Rudder/Elevator only control surfaces.

Werribee Model Aircraft Association Inc: McGraths Road, Werribee 3030