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RC Airplanes For Beginners

RC Airplanes For Beginners


There is a massive selection of beginner rc planes to choose from which is great news for the newcomer to the hobby, but the large choice can be a bit overwhelming to begin with. There are no hard rules but essentially one that's slower flying, stable, durable and relatively simple to operate certainly goes right into the beginner category.


And as for construction, a 'Ready To Fly', or RTF as they're more commonly known, if you just want to get flying without having to do much building other than basic assembly. All the necessary radio equipment is provided to get you going. The other type is Almost Ready To Fly, or ATF.


Auto-stabilisation technology has also been introduced in recent times, which differs to ACT in that it decreases unwanted movements in the plane, largely caused by wind gusts, as opposed to ACT actively recovering your plane from a bad situation. The latest is a mix of both technologies, to make learning to fly a radio control plane really easy. Too easy, perhaps?


Oneof several beginner rc airplanes which features such technology is the E-flite Apprentice S 15e, shown below:



Above: Apprentice S 15e is a four channel beginner rc airplanes loaded up with the latest technology to make learning to fly as risk free as possible. It has a feature whereby as your skills progress, the radio equipment can be set for more challenging flying.  Ask for an introductory lesson with one of these models.


What's important in a beginner RC airplane?


First and foremost, the design of the airplane is very important for beginners; when learning to fly a radio control airplane you need a plane with stable and forgiving flight characteristics - a high-wing 'trainer' type configuration is best for this although there are other options available, such as the powered glider type shown above. At Werribee we use a variety of model types.


Power type is also an important thing to consider and these days the majority of beginner rc airplanes are electric powered as opposed to glow plug. EP (Electric Power) means convenience and lower costs - always good news for a newcomer to any hobby! We will discuss in detail the glow powered models in detail a little later. These form the basis of traditional aero model training at most clubs including Werribee.


It's probably fair to say that the majority of newcomers to the radio control flying hobby do start with an electric powered plane, but there are some glow plug powered ones available. Such planes aren't as straightforward and convenient as electric ones, and club membership along with proper instruction should be seriously considered. Our club instructors are always is willing and able to teach you at no cost.


Traditional RC trainer alternatives


An alternative to the classic high wing style trainer that suits beginners, and that's the electric powered glider such as the ParkZone Radian shown below...


Electric powered gliderslike this Radian have lots of inherent stability, giving you plenty of time to react to your control inputs. The (usually) larger size makes them easier to see at a distance, but of course this larger size isn't as convenient for transportation purposes.



Another type of rc plane ideal for beginners is the 'pusher' type, like the Multiplex Easy Star shown above. Both of these provide a low cost of entry to the hobby.  None the less help to get you successfully flying is critical for success. Part replacements are readily available from most hobby shops.