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Weerama Display

WMAA  - Team Weerama Display



on point behind all the food trucks. We hear Chris was keen to take advantage near the food. It was windy and the guys braved the chill to promote the club.


 Tomorrow will be our float parade with two vehicles entered.


All set and ready to go after a 2hr wait

 Now were to put the sign,how is this

Hope we stay on the ground

Really enjoyed particapating in the the parade,especially seeing the crowd applauding our efforts

Weerama 2017




For the second year running about 8.00A.M. Chris Berry and myself made our way to Werribee for the Weerama parade behind Watton St Plaza. Soon after Dennis joined us to help set up the two cars. The parade wasn’t till 11 o’clock so we had a bit of time to ourselves as we watched the other entrants arrive. Nean joined us soon after with his camera so we had a bit of a photo session to pass time. The parade was very enjoyable as people appreciated our efforts with a “well done” shouted out a few times during the parade. Amongst the crowd I saw Jeff Clewer and his daughter as well as Nean, my daughter and her family. This was a very satisfying morning for me and Chris representing our club with pride.


John Bonnici 2017


Werrama 2018

As we set up again for another year, the weather was very unkind at the start of the day, the front passed through in time to 'rig' the cars with the Werribee Airwing before the Weerama Parade (although the wind still caused some concerns).

The crowd cheered and clapped as we headed down the street


Unfortunately this would be Denise's last Weerama participation as he suddenly passed away in May.You will be sadly missed Dennis.