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Flight Line Replaced


Over the last week (18th—26) 2006 the club has been replacing the flight line matting with a concrete strip which it

is hoped will alleviate the tripping menace and also be a little safer for the mower.


A healthy number of members willingly turned out on each day to help out, many hands did make light work.

On Saturday the 25th the concrete was poured. Saturday afternoon just as the stragglers were leaving and the

concrete was setting, the heavens opened up.

Fortunately for the most part, the concrete had already set, we now have a uniquely textured path way and

flight line. Keep out an eye for the divider lines etched in to the concrete… they did mostly get washed away,

so we’ll have to paint some separators onto the concrete to keep

pilot spacing. Thank you to everyone who contributed their sweat

as these things just wont happen if people don’t volunteer their


Tim M